Sunday, 30 April 2017

Pop art stamping

I played a bit with the horse stamps I carved last month (see here) and created some pictures. I had the idea of some pop art or Andy Warhol influenced stamping with lots of bright colors. This came out and is very much what I had in mind when I started:
I tell you, the biggest difficulty had been the layout! I wanted each color only once at each place in a row. And in the beginning I wanted to have the four different background colors to form the middle, but the red is too strong, when two of them touching each other at one corner. And it is impossible to have a red in the middle without it is touching any other red. Try it out! It took me ages! 
And now looking at the photo I think I shouldn't have glued the two white horses in the second row beside each other. There is always something to make better the next time. But I am anyway very happy with the picture. I already framed it and put it on the picture board in our living room.

While stamping the first horses for the above picture, I found out, that several of my stamp pads have been dry. I put a drop of water on one to see if it comes back to life. I worked, but in the first hour using the pad, it had been too wet and made bubbles! 
Looks funny, doesn't it?
I decided to print one picture in that style:
The only thing I can say is that the horses are very individual! But all in all, I don't like the picture too much.

From all the other tries, I only want to show you the black and white picture I made last.

A bientôt,

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