Thursday, 13 April 2017

Lutins (dwarfs) looking for a home

Let me tell you the story of 4 lutins (french word for dwarf, that I like better) who were wandering around the garden this spring-time. 
One nearly got lost in a purple jungle, but he climbed up to look for his friends and found back.
Finally they all arrived on the patio!
I understand that they have been in search of houses! Fortunately they found some very nice ones ...
Look how happy he is!
Of course, he has a house with a view!
Those are best situated beside a blooming forest!

You know I have a weakness for wonky houses (this blog is full of them). The idea for this lutins with the colorful hats I found on pinterest! All that has been a present for my mom who wanted to have some little houses for her garden too. Unfortunately the parcel got lost in the post! ... Or did the lutins escaped the package halfway to Germany? If you see them, tell them the garden of my mom is georgeous with lots of rare and different flowers! They should absolutely go there!


It has been quiet here, but in my next post I will tell you what kept me busy the last month!

A bientôt,

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