Friday, 10 March 2017

More paper crafting

The second week of my boy's winter vacation had been rainy and stormy. Great to stay inside reading, playing and do some crafting. On Pinterest I found some nice paper toys with free templates.

First we tried this Flextangles. There is an easy to follow tutorial and a video. After I explained them how the sides would come together in the finished toy, the boys had to concentrate hard for their patterns. I had to help a little for the gluing that is a bit tricky. But later it's lot of fun to turn and turn and turn them over.

We also made some Paper balls that I found on this side. There are two free templates to download and some with very nice patterns that costs. Also a video tutorial.
My kids tried the template with a spiral pattern on it and I made a ball from a blank template and decorated it myself with flower drawings.
I made some helping lines with a soft pencil, to know until where to draw in the different zones, then draw the flowers with a black pen and finally colored them. 
I scanned my flower pattern to have another template for the kids. If you like, you can have it too. Download here!

A bientôt,

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