Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Paper weaving

For a future project, about which I don't talk about now, I experimented a little with paper weaving. I did this with my kids when they had been smaller with rectangular cards and parallel stripes. This time I wanted to try on irregularly cut lines.
The first ones didn't turn out as I expected. In fact you can't really see that the paper stripes and the slits are not even.
I found out that you really have to slice big waves in the base paper to see the effect.
I also tried with two colors for the weaving stripes. 
The next two are the only ones I really liked and I glued them on cardstock to use them as post cards. On the left card I also hid the ends of the weaving stripes, what I didn't do for all the others.
And one I tried how it looks like if you cut the slits in the other direction, so that the weaving stripes are longer than the slits.

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