Tuesday, 22 November 2016

A dark fortress with dark gardians

Oh no! Already one month since I wrote the last time. Actually exactly one month! 
I didn't planned like this, but there has been so much going on lately. Unfortunately not only creative stuff, so I can't even drown you in interesting projects now :-( 
But I did anyway some things and I will show them after surviving this week, that has the 10th birthday of my eldest son and two Christmas markets, in which I am involved (stupid me - why can't I say no?).

10 years he has already, my first born! I can't believe it! It had only been yesterday him learning to walk and talk, hadn't it? Ok, probably not! 
You remember the ninja from last year? He still loves ninjas and for his l.e.g.o adventures he build a base and a whole world to play inside (during summer the l.e.g.o ninjas lived in the terrasse flower bed). The only thing he misses are gardians for his base, while the ninjas are absent. He decided on some figures he would like to have and it took me a lot of energy to buy them single (and not hilariously overpriced).
I told my son I where too busy to make an advanced cake for his birthday table, but today I spontaneously decided to cut a brownie-cake in pieces and build a fortress for those gardians:
It's not so easy to cover the sides when you cut a cake. As there is no crust but a larged-pored surface, it is impossible to spread the chocolate evenly. Fortunately a fortress wall isn't smooth :-)
Happy birthday to you, my dear!

A bientôt,

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