Monday, 10 October 2016

Crowns for fall decoration

Since a week it is getting colder outside and it is always grey. No glorious Indian summer at all. 
So I felt like I needed some autumn decoration around the house. In the hedges of some back roads I cut different branches with berries and wound some quick crowns.
Number one is very loosely wound and is hanging on the garage port.

Number two is hanging in front of our dining room window. It is turning in the wind and it is nice to see that one also from the inside. I made it friday and it already gets a bit dry. I guess also the birds found out about it, but I don't mind, if they eat it up.

The last one is hanging beside our main door.

When standing in front of our entrance I made also a photo of little dwarfs village, that has an autumn touch too:
Do you remember "lutin-village"? Have a look for my last years deco project here.

I hope the sun comes back for some more lovely days. I even had to light up the fireplace to get the house warm. This comes a bit sudden after a very hot summer and a warm September.

A bientôt,

want to see some more fall crowns? Here are those I made in 2014. They have been even more pretty I think.

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  1. I love your berry wreaths. So colourful. Maybe when the birds have eaten the berries you could replace them with red beads ?