Thursday, 6 October 2016

Bamboo forest for pandas

Little son has been invited to an anniversary and his friend wanted to have pandas. I bought them, but they looked so lost as they had been sold in a plastic bag. I tried to buy a small bamboo plant for them, but couldn't find any that were right for a childrens room. So I had to craft something ...
I cut a circle from wood and in the same size a circle from green thick felt. In the felt I pounced holes where the trees have to stay and glued it to the wood. I drilled small holes in the wood and put in about 5cm long pins. The bamboo trunks are real ones that I cut from a bamboo in the neighbourhood. Of course the real leaves are much too big, so I cut out paper leaves and fixed them with scotch. The result is so nice my both sons would have loved to keep it! 

I think the panda family is looking quite happy and the little girl who got it yesterday is happy too. Win-win!

A bientôt,

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