Monday, 2 May 2016

Second Yoga-mat-bag

For a day of Yoga and "bien-etre" that has been organised in our village I have been asked to sell bags and other stuff for Yoga. In march I showed my first bag that had been very simple. I made a second model that is very advanced and an all-inclusive Yoga bag.
As you can see the mat is outside the main bag in a tunnel (The matlas I had for the photo is a bit thick, with average mats it's fitting better). Above there is a little zipper pouch for key or some coins. The main bag is big enough to contain, everything else you might need like a light cover or towel, a water bottle, warm socks or a cushion.

The Yoga day was yesterday and it was very good visited. I didn't sell bad, but this bag is still mine. So if someone needs it ... let me know, because me I'm still not doing Yoga. 

A bientôt,

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