Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Decoration of a little boys room

I haven't been blogging lately. There has been lots going on, that hasn't been creative, so I have no new things to show right now, but some old stuff.
For example I did a little renovation to my little son's room. After six years use it needed some painting and remodelling. He insisted though to keep lots of his old treasures, what I can understand. It made me happy that he wanted to have a little wall hanging I made for his first birthday still above his bed. It is a stable for his toy donkey. 
First it has been hanging on the fence inside his crib. I just hung it out for a photo at that time. Later I took of the straps only leaving two for fixing it with nails to the wall. 
The roof of the stable is stuffed and springing forwards to give cover to the donkey and who else might be with him. At some times it had been quite crowded inside the pocket.
Little son is not playing with his donkey a lot, but he likes him to be near. 

Another wall-hanging I took off during the remodelling. Little son is a crafter himself and in continues production of things that needs space at the wall, on shelfs and where ever he finds a spot. Tidying up his room is always a major project :-)
This spiral wall-hanging I made before I had children from self-dyed fabrics.
It is off duty now. Also the blue dyed out from the sun and it is not as nice as before.

I hope to get back to sewing soon.

A bientôt,

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