Friday, 11 March 2016

Sewing kits

For my sister in law's birthday I have been looking for all-in-one packages for sewing projects. She likes to sew, but having few time with job and little child. I thought it would be nice for her having projects that she can just begin without looking for materials and explanations before.
I couldn't really find what I was looking for. The kits have been either too simple or stuffed animals. I had been hoping for a fancy bag, but couldn't find a kit with pattern, explications and material. Finally I put three kits together myself.
First I prepared my tutorial for little bags (have a look here), layouted it for a paper version and cut out the fabric.
Then I found a nice ebook for balloon-covers that I bought, tested and then cut out pieces for 2 balls. I had those covers for my boys too. They are very handy, because small, to take with you. If your kid wants to play you just put a balloon inside the ball-cover, blow it up and you are having a great ball.
The third project is a decorative chicken. I have been sewing plenty of those. I now made another one, taking pictures and writing a tutorial. I will give it to you too in one of my next posts, maybe you want to make some before Easter.
Now my sister in law is prepared for whenever she has an hour for herself to start quick a project, that I guarantee will turn out well. She liked her present though...

A bientôt,

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