Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Selling in a new shop

Two weeks ago I heard about a new shop that opened up last autumn, a bit away from my place, and that is selling some crafting materials (wool for knitting, paper, some fabrics, ...), giving crafting courses and also selling handmade articles on commission. Of course I had to explore that shop, because individual shops selling other than the average are rare around here. 
A very sympathic place with lots to explore and two very nice girls running the shop and the crafting courses. The shop calls Augustine&Balthazar and you find their webpage here.
I love shops that are individual and you can find unique products. Lots to see, lots of inspirations and if you are looking for a special gift you surely find something.  
They have been so kind to take some of my products too. I left some bags and pouches, the sheep cussions, two white cussions that I didn't sell on the christmas market and all I had for play kitchen. 
As I sold nearly all kitchen accessories before Christmas I hurried to fill up the stock: pizza, more pasta, aprons and chef-hats, fish and fried eggs, bonbons, tea bags and cookies. You can see them installed on one of the shop photos above. 
I hope that the two shop owners are having success. You need a lot of strength to start something like this store and the buisiness world is hard. So many lovely shops and great ideas can't stand financially against the big brands. But this is so important and I see more and more people searching the extraordinary. 

A bientôt,

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