Saturday, 6 February 2016

Divided ...

I have been looking for a new project for my sewing students and tried out a divided basket. I have been seeing those already since a while in the web but never tried. 
This is my first one and I found the free instructions under pattydoo's lovely patterns. For the inside I used up a piece of wax-cloth and as I had been afraid it might not be stable enough, I used the white outer fabric in a double layer. I guess that has been a little too much.
I have no complaints about the pattern and instructions, they are both great, but my result didn't satisfy me for 100% (okay not for 90%, my work seldom reaches 100% on my scale :-) ). Maybe it is because of the fabrics? I seldom like points... 
Anyway: I looked the internet for other ideas. I found two other methods (have a look at my sewing pin board). I especially fell in love with this bag and needed immediately to sew one for me!
I used two stable fabric from the swedish furniture house and no stabilizer. It holds very well. This time I am satisfied! 
The size is 35x14x25cm and it has the right size for a picnic bag. Whenever we are leaving for a trip that needs more than a 1,5h drive, we need a picnic on board. Our kids are great car partners, they are very patient, but latest, when we reach the freeway, they want a snack. So I designed this bag to fit under the legs of the front passenger, who has the role of the stewardess. This could look like this: 
Fortunately my husband and me having long legs that can cover a lot of picnic :-)
There is a third method to put the divider in a basket or bag that I read about, but it seemed more fiddly to me than the two methods I tried out, so I will probably stay with those. The last one is very much my style, as you can easily adapt it to every bag size you like.  

A bientôt,

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