Saturday, 26 December 2015

Reindeer stamps - Gift decoration

I like to wrap gifts into neutral paper and decorate it with washi-tape, drawings, rubans or stamps. The 23rd in the evening I was checking my mental to-do-list and all of a sudden I wanted to have a new motive to decorate this years presents. I made some drawings and decided on a stick-figure style reindeer. For me not beeing a good artist of animals or persons, I think they are quite good and really funny. The carving of the stamps had been fun too. I haven't made any in month.
This is how I decorated the gifts later. Blue for one son and red for the other.
As I hadn't send out jet my Christmas greetings (I wanted to do it relaxed during the holidays) I had the idea to use the deer's for seasonal cards. 
It's more a winter theme than only for Christmas, what is great as no-one will get his cards in time this year.
Except this one, but I like the snowy blue ones better and made directly a bunch of them.

A bientôt,

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