Thursday, 10 December 2015


Just in time for the Christmasmarket last Saturday I finished a group of angles.
I didn't even had the time to take a good picture of the choir. This is how they looked like at my stand on the market. They are mixing well with my wooden candles.
Some of the angles are having "simple" wings that are white with woven stripes in it from one side and the other side is white with spirals and stars in silver. The other angles are having wings that are decorated from one side with ribbons and laces. If you see those wings against the light the pattern of the backside is shining through.

The wings are fixed with small sticks that I integrated into the wings to the wooden body. They can be pulled out for easier stocking. 

The Christmas market has been okay. I have the impression that there are less people coming every year, but in relation to the number of visitors I am happy with my results. Next weekend I am having another smaller selling event and I hope to reduce my stock a little bit more. 

A bientôt,

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