Friday, 9 June 2017

First results of kids crafting courses

The first month with my children crafting courses in the new association is already over. Because of many holydays in May we hadn't classes each week, but still some nice results and fun. 
As it is nearly end of school year most people have already managed their kids programm for the afternoons, so I have only few kids in my classes. But this is great to gather experiences. 

I started one class that calls "initiation to weaving". That is with 3 to 4 kids, depending if my elder son wants to participate or not. We started the first lesson with paper weaving like I did here. I think paper weaving is perfect to understand the principle.
The next project has been a paper cup:

We also started little rugs on cardstock looms. We made the beginning during the session and then the children took the project home to finish the weaving. For the weaving we are not using needles but popsicle sticks, which I smoothed and drilled holes for the wool. Working great!

And right now we are working on trees in branch circles, but I will make an extra post when that project is finished.

The second class is for "different craftings". I have only two students, a girl and a boy, but the two are fun. We made some paper toys. One game to catch a ball on a thread and spinners. 

An other session I let them paint wooden birds for garden decoration and little wooden butterflies that we fixed on wires to put in a flower buquet for mothers day:
Our last project has been on a very hot day, so I took them in my garden and not in the usual room that is extremely hot in the summer. We first made squird pictures like I did last year with my boys (look here). We painted big papers and next time we will do different craftings with the colorful paper. 

Later we sat down in the shadow and started to work with knitting spools. In that moment I had been glad that there were only two kids with me. It took a while for them to figure out the technic. But now they got it and they took the spool home to work with it, whenever they feel like crafting. In the last lesson before vacation we will form them into a shape like I did here.

For me the time crafting with the kids is a lot of fun and it is very interesting how differently the children are interpreting a project and often I am surprised what comes out when you let them chose their colors and styles themselves. 
I will make some modifications to the times in which we will have our crafting sessions as I better realise now how long they can stay concentrated. And then I hope for some more children in the classes from September on.

A bientôt,

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