Thursday, 25 August 2016

Squirt pictures

Over pinterest I found this very cool technic for kids to make squirt pictures. I tried it out with my boys and the friend of younger son and it had been lots of fun!
Its food color diluted in water and the children are using old injections to shoot the color onto the paper. It took a while until they found the right distance to the paper and the right quantity of color for each shot. 
I think the results are amazing. This are three pictures younger son wants to hang up in his room. 
There are others where the color drifted a lot and on those we added some drawings with a black pencil by following the outline of certain colors. Looking a little bit like maps now. I cut out a few parts and glued them on carton for having kind of a frame. Unfortunately the carton don't want to lay entirely flat for a picture. In reality they are not as bended and the frame lines are straight.

Unfortunately the red food color is becoming rose on paper. All in all the colors are much more intense when seeing them against the light. I could imagine them pretty as window hangers too.
 This are the same pictures you see framed above
From some of the test pictures that are not so impressive I cut out the best parts and glued them on post cards.
This kind of kids art I can only recomend to everybody! It is fun (also for adults), the results are very cool and you can do a lot of things with those pictures. 

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