Saturday, 9 April 2016

Balloon cover

When I prepared the sewing kits for my sister in law, I bought that great e-book for a balloon cover. I had those balloon balls when my kids where younger and found them very practical to have in my handbag. Whenever there where waiting time and a little space I just put a balloon inside blew it up and the kids where occupied. 
So I also bought this pattern for myself too and made a bunch of balloons. Two had been directly grabbed by my kids even when I gave them their old ones, and one had been bought fresh from the sewing machine by a friend who was in need of a present. Those left over I brought to the shop for sale.

I had a lot of fun sewing and looking for matching fabrics. Will make some more, as I think every child I know will need one :-)

A bientôt,

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