Thursday, 2 April 2015


I actually made this skirt already 10 days ago, but when I tried it on for the first time it has been much too large :-( Only yesterday I had the motivation to do the changes to make it fitting. Today I wore it all day and had a wonderful warm feeling despite all the rain, hail and cold wind outside (the photos are from a dry moment this morning, my husband made them before going to work).
Seems like green is a new favorite color of mine.
I bought this light loden cloth already in autumn for making a skirt and it would have been more useful in winter as I hope that ugly days like today are not becoming habit in this spring.
I made the pattern for this skirt myself with instructions from this book. I don't think it is to blame on the book that my skirt didn't fit at first, I guess I measured false or got an error by calculating with cm instead of inches. 
I added some pockets to the front, as I am always missing pockets on all my other over-trouser-skirts (I love to wear those).
The skirt had been 8 cm too big (that's a lot). I am lazy and didn't feel like picking off the pockets again, so I added a middle seam at the backside, that meant that I just had to pick off parts of the belt-lining - much easier. It worked well and I don't mind, that the side seams are not really on the side any more. It is even still wide enough for moving without restrictions (also the fabric is slightly stretchy).
Even with the delayed start: I am very happy with my skirt and will wear it now as much as possible before putting it away during the warm seasons.

A bientôt,

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