Sunday, 10 March 2019

little water color cards and gift tags

You are maybe already bored by all my water color cards, but here are some more. It's very small cards (A6 about half the size of a normal post card). The photo quality is bad, as I had to take them in the evening, because I directly used two cards.
I also colored some gift tags and gave the whole lot away as a small present for a friend we stayed with last weekend. Unfortunately the colors are not as bright on a grey background.

Have a nice sunday!

A bientôt,

Thursday, 7 March 2019

striped cuddly toys made by kids (and me)

Look who is trying to escape just after his birth under my sewing mashine?
This animal (from whatever kind) was a sunday afternoon idea in January! I wanted him as example for my kids crafting group, but half an hour after I presented him to my family he had been adopted by younger son and calls now Oskar!
Oskar is now sleeping in a nice bed and is cuddled a lot. I really had trouble to get the permission to show him to my students.
It took three sessions with the kids of my crafting cours to finish their stripy animals, but they were very good with the sewing mashine, had all kinds of ideas and in the end were very proud of their new cuddly toys. I think they can be:
As I use the photo also for the association web-page the remarks are in french, but it says that there is one fantasy-worm, two ocean animals: a dolphin and a fish, one bear, a snake and a complete new species a bit like Oskar! Aren't they great?

A bientôt,

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

watercolor birthday cards

I made some more cards! This time I colored a bigger surface with watercolor and then added some drawings and stamped words.

Like them?

A bientôt,

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Watercolor scrap cards

Last week I had a lot of fun with some watercolor test stripes. As you saw in the last post, I figured out how to use the watercolor brushes with reservoir. For that I painted some left over paper bands. They are all 3cm wide and 30cm long.
Inspired by a pinterest photo I saw, I cut them to pieces and glued them to colored cardstock, producing post-cards. Then I added some drawings with my beloved black ball-pen.


Lots of them have floral designs on them, but there are some ornamental cards too.

I think I should have drawn the circles with a model.
 I am a bit furious I messed up the signature :-(
For finding the design I always looked a while at the watercolor scrap until I had an idea about what to add. Some gave me a landscape feeling.

 This one is very small. I cut from dark cardstock the mountains and glued them in front of the sky. It's only about 5cm high.
And this is still only the 3cm stripe. I still think about cutting of the bridge as it is a bit too big in scale.
And of course there is one left for which I don't have any idea, how to modify. Maybe it stays just like this.
It's 13 cards and I love every single one! Can't even say which is my favorite. Will be difficult to part with them ;-) 

A bientôt,

Monday, 11 February 2019

2019 journal

I will introduce you to my new and (more or less) daily project I started beginning of this year:
In former times ;-) am I old? I used to have a paper appointment calendar in which I also wrote some personal notes to special situations. Normally tiny books. They are very useful to flip through, when you want for example writing a letter to friends or family that you are not talking to frequently and that need an update of several month. Or I used them when making (often years later) photobooks for the kids. 
Then a few years ago I stopped because I had all my appointments in my portable phone that also reminds me of them. But this is not the same. Also much harder to look through later. And personal notes are missing completely. 
Already some years ago, when art-journals started to appear in internet, I admired the idea of a book that contains a bit of your creativity for every day. But I never felt as creative on paper to fill up whole pages with just drawings and paintings. Also if you are following me for a while, you know my drawings are more doodle style.

Anyway I wanted to start a book that contains my appointments (the more important ones, not those like driving kids to sports classes, or other weekly stuff, these are still on my phone) but at the same time leave space for new creative ideas and a little drawing and writing on a regular basis. 
So it's a bit more than a calendar, not really a diary, not completely an art journal and surely no bullet journal!

Want to have a look at the first 5 weeks? I still need to find a balance in what to note and what not. Some pages contains lots of thoughts, in one week there has been nearly nothing happening. But see:
Week 1/2019:
(click to the picture to see it a bit larger)
First week of the year. Still vacation, so no routine appointments. Creative stuff of this week: I tested to make glue-salt-snowflakes and paint them. Also I made a nice "galette des rois" for the 6th January with a great new filling of pears with chocolate and almonds and I noted the recipe.

Week 2/2019:
I didn't liked at all how the page layout turned out (I normally prepare it now every sunday for the following week) I have been thinking about making a new page, but then said that it's kind of normal that you are not always successful with your art and not always really creative and this journal should show the realty, so I kept the page and made the best of it. Also in the end of the week I saw from all the notes that it hasn't been a creative week at all. The most creative thing had been to renew the zipper handles on the old coat of a friend! I also had some origami fails :-(

Week 3/2019:
This week had been all black and white :-) except the sunday. I had been shopping and upcycling an outfit for going into a club friday night (something I didn't do for years and therefor it had been very exciting). On the left page you see a bit of the fabric from my outfit. I bought a dress and had to shorten it.  What I did colorfully on sunday I will show in a previous post.

Week 4/2019:
This weeks page I started only on wednesday after I made tuesday the art with the pulled strings (look here), so you know already what I did in that week.

Week 5/2019:
This week had a real simple layout, as I tested a new stamp set. The business like outfit might be the reason why I didn't feel motivated to note anything except monday where I had a really good session with the crafting kids and friday where a lot of shit happened. Sunday finally I noticed that the page looked really neglected and decided to fill it. I tried out a watercolor brush with water reservoir that my son got from his grandma for birthday but we never tested it. I just tested all colors in different spots and later draw with a black marker over it (I saw ideas like that at pinterest). Crowdy, but so cheering up the hole page. And the watercolors where so much fun! 
On the left side are the penguins I made as examples for the kids crafting class at that monday.

What do you say to my new project? I didn't jet found my style or any routine in it, but its fun. And this book always lying around, reminds me to take a little time to make nice things that are not on the schedule. Filling a page in a week motivates me to try out new techniques, often leading to further projects. Let me know if you want to see more pages in the future ...

A bientôt,

Thursday, 7 February 2019

Dwarf/Lutin-deco-frame in winter

I (and following me, the kids of my crafting class) changed in january the deco-frame to winter style. 
It's a little empty! But this is like winter is: a bit reduced to the basics, not overflowing a bit calmer than all the other times of the year. Don't you think so?
The little snow-man is made from branch slices and actually the same like those I made several years ago in big (actually they had been in my first real blog post!).

Enjoy the winter time!

A bientôt,

Thursday, 24 January 2019

Pulled string art

This kind of art you need to try! So much fun! Have a look at this little video I found on Pinterest some weeks ago. It looks easy and technically is, but in reality it took me quite a while to figure out the consistence of the color, the thickness of the thread and the pressure you give on the papers while pulling the string. 
I wasn't alone testing. Younger son and a friend of him were with me. This is what we produced in one hour in the late afternoon and also what I did with the results later. Warning: lots of pictures!

Little son lost interest after doing two cards:

Little sons friend was enthusiastic and developed her own style by using very little color on the thread, but making several layers one over the other. She also added some color with a brush and I got nearly jealous seeing how easy she created very unique modern art, without even thinking about it. It is not at all like the example but I like it a lot!

I tried to figure out how to obtain the clearest result, without smearing zones!
This one isn't great. Apparently on some zones of the thread there had been too much color. When I started working with my prints the next day, I didn't want to give it in the bin and put some text on it. It's still nothing I would give someone as a gift or so, but with the red letters the ugly spots are no longer in my focus. 
yes, it's the same picture, but one is a photo and the other is scanned.

I printed some cards that after I cut in pieces and used each element by itself.
The nicest element I cut out and used it for this week's page in my self-made art calendar (new project of 2019, maybe I tell more about later, when it worked, but the idea is a calendar, that I create a little further every day, but it's not an art-journal as I'm also writing about what's going on each day).
Another one I decorated with some drawings. The top part reminded me of a leaf and I interpreted the lines around as spraying water. I shouldn't have added the words.
The three other blue pieces I cut out and glued them onto blue cardstock. I thought some white drawings would be nice with it, but finally I think it takes too much away the attention from the printed elements. At least it is like that when I see it in reality, here on the scan it looks quite nice.
The red print is the best and stayed simple on a red background. Will use it as a post-card.

I made one other large card with 5 pulled string elements that are all very good. The only thing I will do differnt the next time is letting more space below the elements. It looks like I cut the card in half.
I had the negativ prints on scrap paper that we used to put over the card with the string before pulling the thread. I cut the elements out, glued them into my scatch book and added some music. This is so far my favorite!

Now I need to produce more pulled-string-Art! There are probably hundreds of possibilities to use them and I still don't have the impression I jet got it. They are pretty leaving them "natural", but I like to do some drawings on top too. Need to see, how much drawing is nice and how much is too much! 

A bientôt,