Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Teamwork quilt

Beginning of december I did some quilting for a blanket where my cousin did the patchwork. It is for her daughter. As my cousin can't quilt, she sends it to me and I did the sandwich and quilting. It's already the second quilt we did like that! Very satisfying teamwork!
Technically my cousin isn't a very precise worker (good that nobody will ever again see the backside of the patchwork ;-) but I love this very alive and unique patchwork top!
My cousin left the choice of the pattern completely to me (Thanks for that confidence!). I had to think a while as both sides are quite different. Then I decided that on the very colorful side you will probably not see much of the quilting anyway, so I chose the blue side to be up during the quilting and took the stars into a simple overall meander quilting. I find it worked out as planned. 

I like the finished quilt, my cousin too and her daughter is happy as well! What can you ask more of a teamwork?

A bientôt,

Sunday, 19 January 2020

Backpack - bag-sewing 1/2020

My first sewing project of this year had been a very spontaneous backpack. Last weekend of Christmas vacation: after breakfast I surfed a bit sur pinterest and found this photo. I Loved instantly the idea with the front pocket. Normally I don't like at all those backpacks as the strips are hurting on the shoulders when wearing them too long (only my oppinion! I know plenty of people like them, including my first son).
 I dug in my fabric stacks and found a black/golden deco fabric and a black corduroy and started immediately. I hadn't the cord or the laid or the tassel. Those I added later the week after a visit at the supply shop.
Due to the size of the fabric I had the bag isn't really big, but maybe that's better so it won't hang too heavy on the shoulders. The only problem with the corduroy is, that it is quite thick and therefore not closing very tight. I would propose to use softer fabric, than you could close it even without the stoppers on the ribbon. I have been too eager to do the sewing so I used silver eyelets, because I didn't had them in black or gold. That's about my only point of critics to this bag. 
Sewing backs had been a bit neglected in the last year. This year I want to do more and try out new ones. That's why I count the bag-projects-posts now ;-) The next 2 bags or pouches are already finished, but I'm behind with making photos and posting them. But I will soon!

A bientôt,

Friday, 10 January 2020

pimped handbag

I have to confess something: I BOUGHT a handbag!

My old one slowly fell to pieces, but I never found the time and/or motivation to make a new one. So when I crossed this bag I didn't hesitated and bought it. 
It has the perfect size, only it has been little boring colorwise. So I pimped it by replacing the (plasic!) zipper straps with dark yellow leather and designed a sew-on leather patch. Therefor I tested all my black markers on leather and finally found one that didn't smear. It is not the best drawing I ever made, but the pen got empty while drawing, so I didn't had a second chance ;-)
Like the bag now :-)

A bientôt,

Sunday, 5 January 2020

Calendar 2019 closed

I wish you a happy and healthy and creative new year!
A new year means also a new calendar. Did someone remember the calendar/journal I started last January? look here!  
I really pulled it through the hole year. It's not one of the things you start in January and then slowly forget about it until Easter!
I love the whole book. It is me the whole year! Some of the content is my very private thoughts but most of it is only notes about what I did every day.  And scraps and the little memories you forget otherwise.

Sometimes I wrote too much unnecessary stuff. And there had been unmotivated weeks where I filled out the page only on sunday with what I remembered. During vacation I wrote several more pages like a diary.

On the right side is always the calendar part on the left free space for extra thoughts or pictures or notes or sketches or left overs of crafting projects I did that same week.

The new book for 2020 is on my desk now. I hesitated to start it. I feared it might be less nice like the other one. Starting a new book gave me pressure that I had to make something even more special - more perfect. Continuing the old book had been comfortable as I only had to add another page of plenty pages. No pressure that it needs to be gorgeous as there had been already pages I like more and pages I like less.
I finally started and directly messed up the front page :-) I didn't rip it out  jet though. Will see what I can change to make it better. I started a new front page on page number two and the first week on page number 3. But with the failure on the first page the pressure was gone! 
Looking forward now to the new year and what I might put into my album. Maybe I find a more even method to structure the calendar? Maybe I don't. What I like most about this calendar or journal is that I'm thinking a bit more about the days and what happened. Sometimes time passes so quickly you can hardly follow. This book is slowing down.

A bientôt,

Sunday, 29 December 2019

Cutout stars printed on Christmas gifts

For all my Christmas presents I made reusable bags from white craft paper and decorated them with prints from cutout stars. 
Beside being really fancy to look at, it was super fun making them. Of course it took lots of time I could have had also used for other duties shortly before Christmas eve ;-) 
Here are some pictures of the making of:
I cut out paper stars (everyone knows how to fold and cut those I suppose) and then dotted fine layers of acrylic paint with a little sponge (see my clever sponge holder - works great!). This gives quite nice negative space stars on the bags. In the end I always glued the used positive star beside the prints.
I closed the bags on top with clothpins, some ribbons and a name tag. So the bag can be reused after!

Hope you've had a very merry Christmas yourself too!

A bientôt,

Wednesday, 25 December 2019

No green Christmas tree

Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope you have a wonderful time with no stress and your most loved people around!
We have my parents staying with us, who had been a bit surprised (not to say chocked) by our Christmas tree!  
We build! it ourselves the weekend of the second Advent! Husband welded three metal rods on a triangular ground plate and connected them on top. Me and the boys went to a lumbering zone where they left all the branches behind after cutting the trees. We got lots in different sizes and at home we assembled all together!
In the first moment I didn't like it too much and wasn't sure to keep it. But then very fast I got used to it. Our cat too.
I struggled a bit for decorating it. light garlands looked very odd and untidy because of the visibility of the cables. So I only put in one with warm orange light up and down the middle (the trunk). 
I made little buntings to hang around the tree.
Only last weekend I fixed red balls (I had to fix every single one with a thread and double knot - it took so loooong!) and with transparent thread some straw ornaments and my fabric bells.
Last step 12 real candles! For Christmas eve we always have real candles. Much more ambiance!
I really like our tree like this. For me it gives the same Christmas athmosphere like a real one, but we don't had to cut a beautiful fir-tree for only some few weeks of decoration. The last three years we had one in a pot, but it is too big now for bringing in and we planted it in summer into a friends garden.

joyeux Noel,

Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Seasonal table decoration - Christmas

For the Christmas time I changed the table decoration I made in autumn and adapted it to the season. 
The instruction for the fir trees I found already some years ago on pinterest. The gift boxes idea I had last year for the lutin-deco-frames. I added the deers to keep the forest theme and the star for Christmas.
The trees and presents hold on the deco support as I added tooth pics that hold in the holes. 
With some candles a nice table center for tea-time!

A bientôt,