Saturday, 17 November 2018

Feeding birds

With the kids from the crafting class I wanted to make bird feeders from flower pots filled with a mixture of seeds and fat. Of course I tried out before, to have an example to show and also for all the birdies in my garden.
The birds around are used to fat balls and a simple feeding station that I fill from autumn to late spring with seeds and nuts in a tree in our front yard.
Now they are having a second restaurant in the apple tree behind the house. (This tree is always very late in losing his leaves)

A bientôt,

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

New zipper solution for pouches

Look at my newest pouch! It's a toilet bag and inside and outside with wax cloth. Okay, on the outside the bottom is synthetic leather and the red braid is a cotton string, but anyway perfectly usable for wet rooms.
Those who already read other posts of me where I were talking about sewing pouches, know that I have a particular problem with the neatness of the zipper. Not sewing in the zipper - that's no problem at all - but the point where the zipper is ending in the corner of the pouch. I hate when it is clumsy or bulky or however you will call it. A few years ago I finally found a corner technique that is working for me (have a look here), but now I think this corner is even easier and hiding, or better cutting of, the ugly corner. 
In this case I used the triangles I cut off from the lining to form the bottom, but there are plenty of possibilities how to make the end-points of the zipper. The big advantage is that you have directly a handle to hold when pulling the zipper. 
Like it!
Need to make more of this ... but when???  

A bientôt,

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Deco-frame with dwarfs

I am so very behind with showing the creations of this autumn! I could probably post every day something for the next week. But I won't have the time I guess. But here is a projekt I develloped for the kids crafting classes in September and October. 
We made big frames from branches (in average about 40x40cm). Mine is a bit different than thoses I made with my class. I drilled holes into the horizontal bares to fix the vertical sticks in. But this took some skilles and tool-action that I couldn't do with the children. So for them I cut slots into the bigger branches and we fixed the frame with nails and wire and covered it with cord. You will see the difference in the following pictures. I am still thinking of adding a bit of cord to my frame too, for the rustical touch. What do you think?
We made litte wooden houses and dwarfs from sticks (I call dwarfs by the french word "lutin", because I think it's prettier) . You might know those two decoration elements from several of my former projects. The house is fixed to the frame, but the lutins and all other deco pieces are having a pin beneath and they can be put in changing constellations into different holes in the lower frame bare. 
The frame can be used from both ... 
The idea is that the frames can be decorated depending on the season. So we will produce this year in the crafting classes, lots of changing seasonal decoration elements that the kids can put as they like onto their frames. Only the house and the lutins will be there the whole year.
This are some of the kids frames:
We are now allready in process of making Christmas decoration for the dwarfs homes. You will see them in december!

A bientôt,

Monday, 1 October 2018

Autumn skirt and bonnet

October started today with cloudy cold weather and light rain from time to time. Autumn started!
And I started the season where we need cosy clothes by sewing a simple jersey over-trouser-skirt and with the rest of the fabric a bonnet.

Fast project and I wore it directly this afternoon.

A bientôt,

Saturday, 29 September 2018

Blue patchwork bags

After all kids started school beginning of the month and the moms had some hard weeks to organise life around school schedules and afternoon activities, we finally had the time last week to restart the sewing group and even got a new member. So much fun to talk sewing again!
One of the ladies wanted to try on easy patchwork, but not a whole blanket! So I proposed making only one block and integrate it into a bag or pouch. They all agreed, ouff!
Of course I have to make an example first. Somehow the outcome of my first idea are three pieces:
First I made one log-cabin block, but it was much too big to turn it into a pouch. So I made a smaller one and made this little pouch (about 19x22cm and on the base 5cm wide). There is no zip and for making it more unlikely that something fells out, I closed the opening on every side for 1,5cm. I liked the blue/bordeaux patchwork, but with the blue pouch it looked a little boring, so I added some quilted flowers.
I doubled the left over block and put it for a modern touch on a transparent bag. Had some stiff transparent material left ;-) The patchwork block is not only decoration but a pocket. The size of the bag is 38x33cm and 10cm wide. For now the side seams are still turning a bit inside, but it will change in time when using it.
And finally with the scraps of the patchwork fabrics I made a key chain.
This is a nice set and will become a Christmas present :-)
I still have some more patchwork bag ideas that I will try out. And also I'll see what the sewing-girls want to do! Curious too?

A bientôt,

Friday, 14 September 2018

Autumn flowers garden

I took a little time for sketching and made a really nice drawing with autumnal flowers. I am really happy how it turned out! 
I thought it might look nice in color too, so I scanned it and printed it and colored with color-pencils.
But in the end I think I like the black and white version better. There I really have the impression to see (with my inner eyes) the sun that is shining so much lower now and all the warm golden colors. Probably I am just not skilled enough to bring those colors on paper. If you like to try, you can download the picture here (only for non-professional use), print it and have fun coloring!

Hope you enjoy a wonderful autumn too!

A bientôt,

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Twitchy bird photo-shooting

Have a look at this funny guy!
My latest crafting and the first project for art classes that started beginning of the month after the long summer break. Unfortunately we had been so busy in class that I forgot to take photos of the brothers and sisters of my new friend. 
Today I took him outside for a photo-shooting. Even with the help of younger-son it wasn't easy. Birdy is so very nervous and twitchy and always looking in other directions ... probably curious to explore his new world!
Before reaching the flower beds he also had to survive a cat attack!
What a morning, for a young bird that can't fly! 
He now is exhausted and sleeping on my desk. Finally calm ;-)

A bientôt,