Monday, 1 July 2019

Game for the school party

This weekend we had the annual school party. In the morning the kids are presenting a play on stage for the parents, then there is a big BBQ and later games for the kids. I like those games a lot and helping every year. 
This time I made a new game. On a white board I marked with tape a "road". To make it more visible I draw on the tape. The farm stickers on one side had already been on the white board and I just used them as a part of my "map".
With a pipe-clamp and some pieces of the metal-construction-box of my son I made a support for the white board marker, so it can be hold upright with for strings that are fixed on each corner of the support.
For the game every string has to be hold by one person and together they can move the pen over the board, trying to follow the road. It's not so easy, because everybody has to hold his string tight but pulling only in his direction when necessary. You see there have been several wrong turns and the pen went over the taped zones (I didn't had time during the party to take photos, so theese are made afterwards). 

Except that it was a boiling hot afternoon, it was fun playing with the kids! Schoolyear is nearly over now. Today is my last crafting class for this year! We will craft with the paper we decorated last week by spashing color on it. 

A bientôt,

Thursday, 20 June 2019

Fabric printing with foam rubber stamps

Hello my blog! Long time no see ;-)

With the kids from my crafting class we made stamps from foam rubber that has been glued onto wood squares. Each one made a stamp for a quarter of a  circle. Then we printed with fabric color on white cloth and we are now in the slow process of sewing shopping bags from it. Only the first four are ready (as I have only one machine for the kids, it takes a while. There is always one on the machine and the others are crafting other projects)
I didn't made a shopping bag for myself, as I have already lots. I did only a test print as an example and also to show the children how to put the color with little sponges on the stamp.
But the other day I thought it's a shame not using it properly and quite spontaneously I took a simple white T-shirt from my drawers and printed on it.
I like how it turned out, even when this photo is not the best.

A bientôt,

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

New stamp and stamp-box

I made a new stamp! It is coming from a drawing motif I am using quite regular. Either as a flower or as a graphic element.
I used a new material. Until now I always used thick rubber mats for carving stamps. This is also rubber, but much harder and thinner. I am not sure I like it a lot. The carving is much harder, but I guess you can maybe work more precisely. The stamping isn't as easy as with the thick rubber. I think I have to glue it onto a wooden block.
The little stamp I used here for leaves had been a test, if it's possible to carve the space between the bars as precise as I can draw them. I can also use them as flames:
This is another print, I made on a water color background. The print isn't very good, but usable.

All my stamps and the stamp carving material is now tidied up in a box. My husband found this wooden case in a container to throw away at work and he rescued it for me. I had a hard time to get the rubber foam out that had been glued inside and the cover of the box is still sticky, so I glued a paper in and stamped with all of my selfmade stamps on it (only the snowflake had been bought). I divided the case in three compartments for the stamps, the ink pads and the carving material. 

A bientôt,

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Ring binder sketch book

I made a special sketch book for my mom! She likes drawing and painting with water colors. She is really good and her drawings are much more realistic than mine. She normally has little books with white paper in her car or her handbag and is drawing when she feels like it or she has to wait somewhere. As those books are usually with normal paper, I wanted to make her a book with different papers for different things. So for just doodling normal copy paper and for more advanced drawings or even water color thicker paper. I made it in a ring binder, so she can easily change the pages.

 The whole book is 17x17cm and the paper 15x15cm. The covers are made from heavy cardstock that I painted with acrylic paint and a paint roll. This was really fun to do and very quick. Later I gave it a coat of transparent varnish to harden the surface, because I saw it got easily scratches in the paint. The little flowers are stamped with a rubber stamp I made some years ago. It's the first time I tried stamping with acrylic paint and it worked so well!
Inside there are different categories: Drawing - water color - normal colored paper for whatever - tasks. 
For the tasks I started some pages and they are for my mom to finish. I glued for example some fabric scraps, or I started a pattern to finish, and much more...
I had a lot of fun doing the book and I hope my mom will have fun using it. It is maybe a bit big for her handbag, but for the car it's ok. And as the cardstock is as strong you can draw on your lap and don't need a table or other hard surface.
Maybe I should do a book for me as well?!

A bientôt,

Friday, 26 April 2019

Vacation art

Want to see the spontaneous art I did with my brother during family vacation on an island in the north see? 
We had some time, while his and my kids played in the (for me) very very cold water. My brother and I had a nice catch-up and besides we collected the sea shells around and started a picture.
First it was a tree ...
Then it became a fish ...
A second fish arrived  and some sea grass and corals ...
I know the frame isn't straight!
I made a little wall around, mainly to protect it from our children who came shivering out of the water and running towards us to get dry cloth! 
I guess till now the see got the sea shell fishes back. And that's okay. I keep the memories of a perfect hour in the sun at the beach with a brother whom I don't see very often on an island we love since our childhood!
A bientôt,

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Knitted bunnies

These adorable bunnies I already made end of February. 
I wanted to make some more for Easter, but there had been so much going on, that until now I didn't managed and I am not sure I will. But if you want to make some have a look at pinterest, where I found this very easy instruction and it's even for untalented knitters (like me) possible to make them. Actually I knitted the squares that you'll need during a 3h car drive.
I used different wool, so every bunny turned out very different too.
Number one is my favorite, except he had a little sad mouth, but the cutest twisted ears of all!

The other two are quite fuzzy.
The white one is the favorite of our cat. She catched it from the couch table and cuddled it :-)

A bientôt,